An era ended and a new one is about to start. You played your own important role over the years and that you are here. You are here to vote who is the winner. There are three candidates. O Rizlow, Othemm and Thodir.

Othemm the father of humanity and emotion.

Rizlow the father of magic and 54 gods.

Thodir the protector of nature and balance.

You are ready to start the Trial Blood;

Game details:

People: 4-6

Duration: 90 ‘

Conditions of participation: participants recommended to have played the “Ring Of Protection” or the “Screaming” Well of the trilogy of “The Saint” Almost.

Game login: John Filimonos 6, Room 54.

Price: 4 people: €25/5-6 people: €20 (payment with your entry on the site).

Prize: The best teams of the event will be rewarded with Board games from the Fantasy Shop.

The final standings of the teams will be posted after the event and the award ceremony of winners will take place at our site.

The 54 Room guarantees the objectivity of marks and mathematical accurate puzzles.

Please proselethte for the start of the game the exact time of your reservation. In the event of delay, the total time of the game may be reduced.


Game creators: Rizlow-Othemm

Special Thanks to