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New AGE: The new modernized Ring Of Protection has added new spaces and a new plot so that the former Saint will continue to offer fun to today’s players, but also the old players to try to visit the dark Alleys of Olga’s house. For the players before March 2018 the whole game is new, while for those who played from March to mid May is 70% changed.

Your beloved Professor Olga has asked you to solve a case of a father named Paul. There, to your surprise, in a warehouse next to the house of Paul, you meet other students of Olga, before you can reflect more, the image of your beloved professor returns and together an intense epithimia not to spoil her favor…

Are you a fearless detective, a benign nun, or an eccentric professor?

Choose one of the six pre-engineered characters in the game, join your friends and live an experience you’ve never experienced before!

Play Time: 1.5 hours

Genre: Horror/mystery

Degree of difficulty: NORMAL

Players: 2-6

Game Creators/Writers: Othemm – Rizlow. 

Warning! The game does not appeal to people with heart problems or Epilipsias.

Recommended player ages: over 16

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